Best Foods that contains zinc

Foods that contains zinc are shared with the biological functionality of appetite, diabetes control, digestion, strength of immune system resistance, stress leveling, physical development, smell and taste.

Therefore, it is of vital importance that individuals understand the awareness in a narrative of zinc rich foods and Zinc deficiency.

The human body values ​​zinc, in regards to zinc-rich foods, zinc benefits and deficiencies, as one of its most valuable and valued mineral assets.

The richness of Best Food that contains zinc and magnesium is measured by its level of importance for the human body. In meeting the needs of a body to sustain life, in the biological treatment, although the scientific evaluation of foods that contains zinc and magnesium, zinc benefits and deficiencies, such a mineral is a gem.

What foods are high in zinc?

Foods High in Zinc, in its essential abilities, synthesizes or improves the generation of proteins, while taking into account the rate of cellular production within the immune system of the body.

Muscle groups throughout the body benefit from the presence of zinc. Higher denominations of zinc are paid to red and white blood cells, the retinas of the eyes, all bones, skin tissues, as well as organs such as the kidneys, liver and pancreas.

Foods that contains zinc and magnesium

Where the human biological male is responsible, the prostrate gland and sperm store huge denominations of zinc. Overall, more than three hundred enzymes debit zinc for their normal function conduction.

Clinical audits have resulted in estimated calculations that on the host of one hundred thousand proteins inhabiting the living human body holds a store of food that contains zinc and magnesium .

These projections translate into conscious considerations toward individuals’ attention to foods high in zinc. In the overall body assessment, a body’s percentage of zinc ranges from two to three grams.

Bodies, however, are not frugal with their expenditure of zinc, for the secretion, or, distribution of such a mineral, is allocated by the organs and salivary glands.

Best Foods that contains zinc and magnesium

Zinc derivatives are distributed by its dividends to taste buds, sense of smell, wound healing abilities and fetal development, as well as boosting immunities.

In the great contributions of zinc to the immune system of the body, its payments are in defense in the fight against conjunctivitis, fungal infections, infectious disorders and pneumonia, sore throats, as well as dermatological aspects, including acne and boils, making zinc-rich foods, zinc benefits and deficiencies an investment of the mind for the body.

Foods that contains zinc and magnesium also provide protective services against the threats of cancer development and its ravages against certain areas of the body.

How much zinc is safe per day?

Investing for continued and well-maintained bodily functionality, Zinc helps fund enzymes that propagate cell development, DNA, protein synthesis, metabolism for energy, monitor gene transcription and support levels. of hormones.

At the foundation of this mineral’s support efforts, zinc-rich foods, zinc benefits and deficiencies, serve as concrete for solid insurance.

Foods high in Zinc help deposit its beneficial assets for human growth, embryo and fetal development, infancy, childhood, adolescence, as well as development sexual.

Zinc daily dose: Foods that contain large amounts of protein are rich in valuable zinc. Any healthy diet, whether suitable for vegetarians, meat lovers or others, can accommodate and incorporate enough zinc, establishing its worthy reign in and for the body.

The optimal resources in the quest for Best Food that contains zinc and magnesium zinc benefits and deficiencies are found in red meats and poultry, as opposed to fruits and vegetables.

15 Best Foods that contains zinc and magnesium

Oysters and Zinc: The oyster is the richest food in Zinc, with a content of more than 20 mg of Zinc per 100 gr.
Red meat / offal and Zinc: calf liver, with an intake of 13.2 mg per 100 g.
The beef: 10.5 mg of Zinc per 100 gr

The egg: The eggs will provide approximately 8 mg of Zinc per 100 g.
Dairy products and Zinc: It is especially cheeses that are rich in Zinc and more particularly mozzarella and cheddar.

Among Foods that contain zinc and magnesium, in smaller quantities of plant origin, such as whole grains, legumes and seeds. However, the zinc that comes from these foods will be less well absorbed, in particular because of the presence of antinutrients, phytates.

Whole grains: Whole grains should be favored to the detriment of refined grains.
Wheat bulgur (2.50mg/100gr), wild rice (1.35mg/100gr) or Quinoa (1.09mg/100gr) are the richest cereals (or false cereal for Quinoa) in Zinc.

The other cereals generally contain less than 1 mg of Zinc per 100 g.
Legumes and Zinc: Legumes contain less Zinc than whole grains, but coral or green lentils still provide about 1.3 mg of Zinc per 100 g. Oilseeds (nuts and seeds) and Zinc: Oilseeds are richer in Zinc than cereals or legumes.

However, they still suffer from the presence of phytates. At the top of the list, we find pumpkin seeds, with nearly 8 mg of Zinc per 100 g, the plant food richest in Zinc.

Pumpkin seeds also among the foods that contains zinc and magnesium and many other nutrients, which makes them a very interesting food from a nutritional point of view. We also find (in mg/100 g):
Sesame 7.24mg
Flax 6.05mg
Pine nuts 5.6 mg
Brown flax 5.1 mg
Pecan Nut 4.61 mg
Chia seed 4.58mg
Brazil Nut 4.13 mg
Sunflower seed 3.8 mg
Peanut 3mg
Almond (with skin) 2.85 mg
Nut 2.7mg
Hazelnut 2.25mg
Pistachio 2.2mg
Macadamia Nut 1.3mg

Vegetables among foods that contains zinc : Among the vegetables richest in Zinc and magnesium, we find Shiitake mushrooms (1.33 mg) and Heart of Palm (1.15 mg). The rest of the vegetables, whether cooked or raw, provide less than 1 mg of Zinc per 100 g.

Fruits and Zinc: Fruits, like vegetables, contain very little Zinc. We find in first position watermelon (2.4 mg), Goji Berry (2 mg) or Coconut with 1.1 mg.

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