Kim Kardashian diet secrets to lose weight

Kim Kardashian diet is one of the few stars to have been occupied with news of their fitness after their maternity trip.

Despite the pregnancy Kardashian is back in her old age to own a very feminine body and combine elegance at the same time. After a period of motherhood, you might be wondering why the Kardashian has been so graceful.

How Kim Kardashian Lost more than 20 Pounds ?

The Atkins diet, attributed to Dr. Atkins, is one of the diets that rely on high amounts of protein, which leads to more calories being burned.

Below are the characteristics of the Atkins diet, which Kardashian adopted to get back in shape after giving birth:

kim kardashian diet spans two weeks, and helps you lose between 15 and 20 kg; Because it relies on very rich amounts of protein from chicken, red meat and eggs, in exchange for almost zero fat percentages.

Usually, the follower of this diet eats a high protein meal in the morning, such as eggs and beans or cheese and dried fruit with two cups of water on an empty stomach.

Water is essential in this diet the recommended amount is 2 liters and contains ginger, mint, lemon, cinnamon and cumin.

kim kardashian diet

kim kardashian diet prefers the Atkins diet

Breakfast contains the highest amount of protein, such as fish, chicken or grilled red meat, with half a kilo of mixed green salad and plenty of water.

kim kardashian diet also relies on sugar-free skim yogurt as a snack between meals, while drinking plenty of water or fresh juice without sugar, to give the body a greater feeling of fullness, in addition to helping the body cells to recover expel fat.

Dinner is also witnessing a meal rich in protein, either through fat-free beans or by eating hard-boiled eggs.

Also discover: Lose more than 5 kg of your weight in a few days with a tablespoon of this mixture at night! Those who suffer from liver and kidney problems should not follow this diet, which can lead to an increase in the level of creatinine in the body, and as a result, disorders such as kidney failure.

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