10 Amazing benefits of hazelnuts for weightloss


Are hazelnuts good for you? Benefits of hazelnuts for weightloss, Research has shown that hazelnuts in general have a beneficial action in reducing several diseases, such as: the risks of cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, colon cancer and other diseases. 

In addition, the hazelnuts are rich in dietary fiber, which aids digestion and alleviates hunger. This is also why the hazelnuts can become a slimming ally as part of a balanced diet: as it causes an immediate feeling of satiety, due to its high content of fibers which swell in the stomach, it serves as a natural appetite suppressant, and it’s hard to overeat because they quickly make you feel full.



Benefits of hazelnuts for weightloss



1. Hazelnuts for the heart


Hazelnuts are made up mostly of unsaturated fats and are sometimes pressed to produce an aromatic hazelnut oil. This oil is widely appreciated by beauty specialists and cooks around the world. Eating hazelnuts daily reduces the risk of premature death from all causes, especially from cardiovascular disease.


2. Reduce bad cholesterol levels


Hazelnuts contain two different monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic and linoleic acid, which are beneficial in lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. Numerous research shows that hazelnuts can prevent the risk of stroke because they are rich in healthy fatty acids and by helping to maintain healthy blood lipid value.


3. Source of vitamins and minerals


 Hazelnuts are rich in minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber which are essential for reducing the risk of many diseases. Not only a healthy source of fat, hazelnuts provide an abundance of essential nutrients. The folate in hazelnuts can also prevent the risk of becoming anemic.


4. Rich in vitamin E


Vitamin is an essential nutrient for optimal health. It can protect your body from oxidative stress caused by toxins and harmful free radicals. One 100 gram serving of hazelnuts will get you your recommended daily intake of this vital vitamin.


5. Rich in vitamin B


Hazelnuts are a great food choice, when it comes to getting your essential B-complex vitamins. They are rich in B vitamins such as thiamine, folate and riboflavin and are also rich in essential minerals such as potassium, copper, phosphorus.


6. Rich in manganese and copper


Hazelnuts are rich in manganese and copper, which are necessary cofactors for superoxide dismutase, which is an antioxidant enzyme. These minerals along with iron have been shown to help prevent microcytic anemia. Phosphorus can improve bone strength by increasing the efficiency of bone metabolism.


7. A healthy gluten-free alternative


Hazelnuts gluten free, they are safe alternative food sources that can be used in the preparation of foods for patients with wheat allergies, gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.


8. Moisturizes the skin


Hazelnuts oil is a great moisturizer for the skin, and it is as a beneficial base oil for natural and traditional medicines in a variety of aromatherapy, and even massage therapy applications.


9. Rich in fiber


Hazelnuts contain fiber, which helps lower cholesterol levels and help you feel full. In addition, fiber plays a role in preventing type 2 diabetes.


10. What are the benefits of hazelnuts for weight loss


Are hazelnuts good for you?  This appetite suppressant effect of the Hazelnuts therefore makes it the ideal snack for weight loss.

Instead of falling for chocolate or cereal bars, which give a boost because they contain fast sugars, opt for hazelnuts, as well as almonds or walnuts. In addition of benefits of hazelnuts for weightloss These nuts will give you fiber and a more lasting feeling of satiety than confectionery.

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