Celery: 5 Best Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts

 Celery is a plant used as a nutrient, but also as a medicinal plant. For therapeutic recommendations, the roots are used, as well as the leaves and seeds. It is also used to treat several diseases like febrifuge, aphrodisiac, hypotensive, in urinary retention, kidney disease. 

The varied uses of celery are due to the content of mineral salts and sodium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus, vitamins and microelements: iodine, magnesium and copper. Besides vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, celery contains several health benefits.

Celery: 5 Best Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts

1. Calms the nerves

Celery acts as a nervous soothing agent. After a glass of celery juice, you will immediately feel relaxation and your nerves will begin to relax. Of all the health benefits of celery, the relaxation it provides is perhaps the most interesting. You can drink a glass of celery juice on the morning of an important business meeting.

2. Controls appetite

Among the best benefits of celery, is that it is very low in calories, which means you can eat as much as you want without having to worry about gaining weight. This is why it is an excellent appetite suppressant. So, if you are hungry, eat a good amount of celery. It will satisfy your hunger, keep you from gaining weight, and bring you closer to the vitality you crave.

3. Weight loss

Celery is a very popular vegetable, it is used as an appetite suppressant and with its diuretic effect, it helps you lose weight by promoting the elimination of waste and toxins as well as the intestinal transit.

4. Prevents cancer

Celery is beneficial for health, it contains phytochemicals called coumarins which are effective agents of prevention of several diseases, such as cancer. It also improves the beneficial activity of white blood cells.

5. Reduces high blood pressure

Celery is really a powerful way to improve your overall health. It contains coumarins, which are also effective in lowering blood pressure, toning the vascular system, and have also been proven to relieve migraine headaches.

Don’t forget to add other vegetables and fruits to your diet, as celery goes very well with apples and spinach, beets, lemon or even ginger.

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