Amazing Health Benefits Of Pumpkins You Didn’t Know

 Many people consider pumpkin to be just fresh orange orbs that we carve around Halloween for decoration, but did you know that pumpkins are very beneficial for your health? The pumpkin is among the most nutritious fruits in terms of health. Yes, the pumpkin is a fruit and a member of the squash family.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Pumpkins You Didn't Know

The Benefits of Pumpkin

The pumpkin contains beta-carotene which reduces many chronic diseases including high cholesterol and diabetes. The pumpkin is rich in fiber and has a multitude of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium.

Besides the nutrients mentioned above, pumpkin contains the carotenoids that are found in yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables. They are important antioxidants to help slow down the aging process. Carotenoids can prevent cancer of the colon, skin, stomach and breast. The alpha-carotenes present in pumpkin also help prevent cataracts, macular degeneration and cardiovascular disease.

How to add pumpkin effectively to our diet?

Since the pumpkin is not familiar to the majority of people in terms of consumption except in pie or soup, how to effectively add it to our diet? For starters, you can add canned pumpkin to soups as a base. A cup of pumpkin gives 10 grams of fiber! You can also bake it and then cut it into cubes to make a wonderful addition to grills, salads, or casseroles. It is very low in calories.

Pumpkin seeds are also a nutritional source, they are a wonderful alternative to sunflower seeds and can be added to breads, salads, smoothies or eaten on their own. You can buy the pumpkin seeds or prepare them at home. After washing the seeds thoroughly, coat them with oil and add a pinch of salt. Roast on a cookie sheet for about 15 or 20 minutes. Season and store them for a healthy snack rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, zinc, iron, vitamin A and vitamin E.

Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds contain nutritional value, perhaps more than any other fruit or vegetable. Even if you prefer your pumpkin only in a pie, it’s best to eat it. You can enjoy pumpkin seeds year round and also reap its wonderful benefits. When making a hearty winter soup, add a can of pumpkin to make a tasty and very nutritious meal.

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