Vitamin B deficiency symptoms: Signs on your tongue

 People who are deficient in any one of the B vitamins are deficient in all of them. Because B vitamins occur in food together, and it works for all vitamins and minerals, because they work together.

There are, however, as many degrees and variations of vitamin B deficiency as there are different individuals. Previously, it was believed that several diseases was due to a deficiency of one of vitamin B. However, when human volunteers remained on diets without one of vitamin B such as vitamin B1 or B3, no disease occurred. These diseases result in the lack of vitamin B1 or vitamin B3 being even more important.

Indeed, by looking at your tongue you can determine how adequate your intake of B vitamins is. In general, your tongue should be a uniform pink color and smooth around the edges with no indentations, and the taste buds should be uniformly small and cover the entire surface.

If you will see a tongue from a healthy child, maybe you can understand what the normal tongue should look like.

Vitamin B deficiency symptoms: Signs on your tongue

What Are the Indications for Vitamin B Deficiency?

With age, many changes occur in your tongue and especially when you lack B vitamins. Enlargement of the buds in the front and sides of your tongue is among the first changes. Over time, these buds become small or even disappear, making the tip and sides smoother.

Deficiencies of these vitamins can become more severe, clusters of taste buds develop and merge and together, separating from other clumps and thus forming grooves or cracks, this groove usually forms in the middle of the tongue.


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The change that comes to your tongue

When you have severe vitamin B deficiency, your tongue will be affected, it can be cut by grooves and fissures, and even your taste buds can literally disappear. This change is most often found in older people who have had inadequate diets for years. In some severe cases, these Tongue are extremely painful. In other cases, people with extremely abnormal tongue ​​are surprised to find that they differ from normal. Even the size of your tongue can also indicate deficiencies in these vitamins. It can be big and full of water.

In some cases the tongues may be predominantly purplish, and still others may be bright red. Indeed, the color and texture of the tongue vary depending on the lack of vitamin BIf the body is primarily vitamin B deficient, the tongue may be bright red at the tip and may appear too small or too large with debris. This appearance is caused by the growth of unwanted bacteria; and this usually indicates a strong putrefaction in the intestine.

Stomach acid and digestion

Studies indicate that up to 100% of people with severe tongue changes are unable to produce adequate amounts of hydrochloric acid in their stomachs.

When the production of digestive enzymes is much lower than normal, digestion is so defective that unless hydrochloric acid and digestive enzyme tablets are taken temporarily, a lot of digestive upset can be experienced.

Water soluble vitamin B

The majority of B vitamins dissolve in water and for this reason cannot be stored well in the body. Just as a sponge can be slightly damp, cells can contain different amounts of each B vitamin. To maintain ideal health, your intake of the B vitamins should be sufficient to ensure that each cell is getting all it can use. Remember that unnecessary B vitamins are excreted in the urine.

Vitamins work together

The B vitamins work together and this cooperation is called the synergistic action of the B vitamins. Indeed, taking one or more B vitamins increases the need for others not supplied. B vitamins can only be obtained from foods such as yeast, liver or wheat germ. For brewer’s yeast, it is important to balance it with calcium.

If the first symptoms of vitamin B deficiency are recognized, they can serve as a warning that unless your nutrition improves, large deviations from your general health can be expected.

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