How to Choose Foods That Lower Your Blood Sugar ?

 Unfortunately Modern diets have been found to be among the causative factors of diabetes. Indeed, the majority of people do not fully understand the direct relationship between their food and their lifestyle, and even their chronic diseases such as diabetes. On the other hand, there are health authorities, and several doctors and nutritionists recommend the same unbalanced diets that cause the development of these diseases in the first place.

How to Choose Foods That Lower Your Blood Sugar ?

The majority of informed doctors and nutritionists tell people with diabetes that the problems they face are biochemical or genetic. Some patients think that the food they eat has nothing to do with their illness, even some dietary recommendations are given, they are often misguided, causing more health problems instead of solving them.

In general, chronic diseases such as diabetes are not only caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, but can also be completely reversed by adopting a natural and balanced plant-based diet and implementing sufficient physical activity.

Eat mostly unprocessed foods

To effectively regulate or lower your blood sugar, you need to eat mostly healthy foods such as unprocessed plants. This means that different types of meats and dairy products should be avoided or even eliminated. Avoid fatty or sugary foods. If you can’t resist, try to limit your intake of these foods to at least 2-3 times per month or even less often.

More than half of our calorie intake should be consumed in the form of fruits and vegetables, salad or just eaten whole. The rest of our calorie needs can come from lightly cooked or steamed vegetables, legumes, and especially whole grains. These foods not only help lower your blood sugar levels, but also contribute to your overall health.

The diet of the majority of people is based on fats, meats, processed wheat, sugar, and dairy products, none of which constitute healthy eating for humans. Fats consumed in the form of processed oils or in meats speed up the process of chronic disease by interfering with the uptake of glucose by cells. This causes high blood sugar levels.

To have good health contribute to a healthy diet consisting of natural foods, unprocessed or refined, based on fruits and vegetables, with little or no animal products. Such a diet lowers the blood sugar level, brings it back to the power to completely reverse diabetes in a diabetic patient.

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