7 Salad Recipes for Everyday Healthy Eating

Salads are low in calories and thirst-quenching. On long hot summer days, a green salad provides a good amount of water. Generally salads are a combination of raw or cooked vegetables, meat, seafood and nuts or cheese usually served with a garnish or dip. Here are some examples of common salad ingredients that can be used in combination for:

7 Salad Recipes for Everyday Healthy Eating

1. Green salads

This type of salads are made with a type of lettuce as a basic ingredient; the added elements can be raw vegetables, nuts, cooked meat, seafood, eggs, olives, cheeses, etc. These are usually topped with a mayonnaise-based or oil-based dressing.

2. Vegetable salads

Sometimes made with just raw green vegetables but more often with blanched vegetables, fresh or dried fruits is rarely added but cheeses are common. A sauce can be used for flavor.

3. Mixed green salads

 This type of salad is usually made from a variety of green vegetables. Some are tangy and some are sweet. Most people prefer them dressed in a simple dressing or sauce to release the flavors of the lettuce.

4. Fruit salads

Fruit salads are delicious and so versatile that they can be eaten anytime. A fruit salad can be as simple as adding nuts or green vegetables: cucumber, lettuce, etc.

5. Seafood salads

The seafood salads are among the best salads, they are a real treat. A little shrimp or crab meat can be added to a green salad or pasta for a more elegant meal.

6. Complete meal salads

By adding in some leftover fish, meat, eggs or cheese, any salad can become a nutrient-dense meal in itself.

7. Pasta salads

Pasta salads are very popular in Mediterranean cuisine, they have come a long way from the simple consumption of cold mac and cheese. By adding vegetables, sauces or dressings, these can become a great side dish for gatherings, family celebrations, and picnics.

Most salads contain at least 2 or 3 ingredients and even more that complement each other.

You can create fantastic combinations to suit your tastes just using leftover vegetables and even you can go to the extreme and make an exotic fruit salad. Don’t limit your creativity, let the flavors and the flow, use some of this information to create a new salad and wow your loved ones.

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