20 Super Snacks Recipes under 100 Calories

 Snacks are an important part of a healthy, balanced diet, but if you’re not careful, the calories in these snacks can add up quickly.

In general, the metabolism works best if it feeds small, nutritious meals throughout the day. You can stay healthy by adding these low calorie snacks to your diet, here are 20 healthy snacks under 100 Calories:



20 Super Snacks Recipes under 100 Calories


Snack 1 : Fat free pudding


The calcium-rich pudding which can help your body burn fat faster. Fat Free Pudding contains 50-65 calories each, helping you satisfy your cravings without the guilt.

The calcium in the pudding can help your body burn fat faster. The Fat Free Pudding Cups contain 60-70 calories each, helping you satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt.


Snack 2 : kiwi


This tangy green fruit is a great snack item to cut out and get them to work or in your bag. A kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C than an orange, so it’s good for your immune system or to start your day in great shape. Kiwi fruit is among the tropical fruits that are packed with phytonutrients protecting your DNA, and it is a good source of fiber. 


Snack 3 : Boiled eggs


Eggs are a source of vitamins in a convenient package of less than 80 calories. Boil them for a portable, vitamin and protein packed snack that won’t leave you hungry.


Snack 4 : Cheese sticks


Low fat chain unsalted cheese is a favorite in your lunchbox. It’s delicious, and even fun to eat, giving you a dose of vitamin D and protein.

Snack 5 : Fruits


Fruit is good for your health and for many different types of diets because it tastes good, is a source of nutrients, and has a low number of calories. A few pieces of fruit are easy to take wherever you go and contain an average of 80 calories each.


Snack 6 : Vegetables


hummus with red peppers or garlic, beans, a few leaves of lettuce and add raw broccoli and carrot sticks for a crunchy, high-fiber snack.


Snack 7 : Baked chips


Try the baked whole wheat pita chips that can really satisfy your cravings for a crunch. Make crisps with 80 calories per serving and add 2 tbsp of salsa for a delicious treat.


Snack 8 : Yogurt


Fat-free yogurt is available in a variety of flavors and contains healthy bacteria that keep your digestive system running at peak performance.


Snack 9 : Apple dip


Apples rich in vitamins and help increase your fiber intake. Slice half an apple and dip it in a lemon and caramel dip for a good dose of crunchy sweetness.


Snack 10 : Cheese and cucumber


Packed with fat free protein, salt free cottage cheese makes a great snack that will keep you energized until lunchtime. Serve it with sliced ​​cucumber or tomatoes for more fiber.


Snack 11 : Pepper dressing


Colorful bell pepper slices make fun appetizers. Dip them in a light ranch dressing to add a more delicious flavor.


Snack 12 : Rice cakes


Rice cakes are crunchy and low in calories. Spread a teaspoon of peanut butter on it to add heart-healthy fats and protein.


Snack 13 : Baked potato


Baked potatoes contain 80 calories. Top with fat-free sour cream for a guilt-free flavor.


Snack 14 : Classic S’mores


 Use Classic S’mores to sandwich a giant toasted marshmallow drizzled with fat-free chocolate syrup.


Snack 15 : Nuts


A handful of nuts contain protein, unsaturated fat, and fiber in a small amount of calories. If that is not enough to break your hunger, you can eat about 25 pistachios per 100 calories.


Snack 16 : Air popcorn


Air popcorn weighs about 25 or 30 calories per cup. If you prefer the buttery flavor with popcorn, buy pre-portioned packs of around 100 calories.


Snack 17 : Muffins and whole wheat jelly


Whole wheat muffins won’t raise your blood sugar and fat as quickly as those made with white flour. Top with trans fat free margarine.


Snack 18 : Lettuce wraps


You can also have a whole sandwich for less than 100 calories, if you replace the white flour bread with lettuce leaves. Wrap the fat-free chicken breast in a large lettuce leaf. Add your favorite vegetables: tomatoes, onion or cucumber and mustard to make it more filling.


Snack 19 : Soups


You can find a variety of nutritious soups for less than 100 calories per serving. Look for soups that contain vegetables and low-fat meat.


Snack 20 : Crispbread


Crispy wholemeal bread goes very well with soft, spreadable cheese. Each cracker will only set you back 50 calories, while the salt-free cheese wedges have around 35 calories each.

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