Health Benefits of Beets : Amazing Reasons to Eat More Beets

Beets have been around for thousands of years, and for most of that time people are aware of the benefits of beets. Beets are discovered in Mediterranean countries, and subsequently it became widespread as an alternative to sugar cane.


Today we all know about the health benefits of this wonderful little purple root which is consumed all over the world in different forms. Beet juice alone is packed with antioxidants that fight carcinogenic free radicals in addition to minerals and vitamins, trace elements and a high fiber content. The root of the beet is beneficial for health and for almost all parts and functions of the body.



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1. Lowers blood pressure


The iron content of beets regenerates red blood cells; it breaks down calcium deposits in the arteries and is one of the best detoxifiers on the market due to its choline content, helping liver function and improving digestion.


2. Detox of the body


Beet juice cleanses the gallbladder and kidneys, especially when combined with carrot juice by flushing toxins from the body. It also helps with gout due to its cleansing action which also cures liver toxicity and bile ailments. To enhance the cleansing effect, add a dash of lime juice to your beet juice, it doesn’t need to be sweet because it contains a high proportion of natural sugars.

3. Improve digestion


Adding beetroot benefits to your vegetable juice blends will not only help flush out toxins, but will also improve your digestion, venous and arterial function by breaking down calcium. Add to all this the ability to increase blood oxygenation and you will have the best post workout drink ever.


4. Improve bodily function


Better yet than these bottled sports drinks, beets will energize you, allow you to enjoy your daily workouts, and improve bodily function with remaining energy for all of your other activities.


5. Drink your beet juice as soon as possible


Once you’ve made your beet juice, drink it as soon as possible, before the vitamins and other good things oxidize. You can store your juice in the refrigerator in a tightly closed glass jar, but between 1 and 2 days is the maximum for the best beet benefits.


Try a glass of beet juice a week to start, if this is your first time extracting beets, know that it is a powerful substance. And more than that, if the juice will cause digestive discomfort and dizziness, it’s the cleansing properties at work. Drink 2 liters of cool 


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