Green Smoothies : Simple Way to Improve Your Health

The recipes for smoothies made from green vegetables can be a good choice. Finding the right recipe is essential, as it is a smoothie that you will drink more than once a day. While you may be tempted to start by drinking a smoothie that contains only green vegetables, it’s usually best to add some fruit to make the taste more delicious. Try adding an amount of fruit like a little over half the ingredients, then slowly work your way up to a recipe that is mostly vegetables.

Green Smoothies : Simple Way to Improve Your Health

You need to take precautions to avoid contaminating your smoothie blend with bacteria since you are drinking it fresh. If you drink all of this immediately, you minimize the risk of bacteria growing in the mixture, as you need to prepare portions of the recipe and keep the remaining mixture in an airtight container. Make sure to leave a full glass aside, making sure you get the health benefits of the smoothie.
Smoothie recipes that include green vegetables and fruits help detoxify the body of dangerous toxins that can be harmful to your health and slow down your digestive system. Usually these smoothies are used to help you maintain the current weight or lose weight. You may also notice an increase in energy after drinking these smoothies throughout your day.
Since vegetables and fruits are the basic ingredient in green smoothies, your body will start working more efficiently. In addition to green vegetables and fruits, you can also use nuts in your smoothie recipe. Remember that green vegetables such as: celery, parsley, cucumber …. must be the main ingredient. The vegetables you choose for your smoothie should be based on their benefits and tastes. You should only choose 5 ingredients for your smoothie to help your body process nutrients effectively.

Celery smoothie

celery is an ingredient that you can use to help you get rid of water weight. On the other hand, cabbage can give you more energy by helping your blood circulation. Cucumbers can help cleanse your skin and flush toxins from your intestines. Adding cucumbers to your smoothie recipe helps your heart stay healthy and may give you energy

Boosters smoothie 

Adding boosters to your green smoothie can help improve the taste. Ginger, lemon, apple, orange, grape, jalapeno, and pear are some of the common additives for your green smoothie. A simple smoothie recipe you can try is to mix two cucumbers, half jalapeno, 1 handful of spinach, a stalk of celery, and a green apple.
Once you’ve found your perfect recipe for the smoothies you’ll want to drink every day, you might never want to change.

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