10 Top Iron Rich Foods To Fight Anemia

Iron is essential for the growth and health of the brain. On the other hand, 10% of children and women are iron deficient. Without enough iron, women can suffer from depression and children do not grow well or even do well in school. In our diet it is essential to include foods rich in iron. Here are the foods richest in iron to fight anemia.

10 Top Iron Rich Foods To Fight Anemia

1. Liver

The liver of cows, sheep or chickens is very rich in iron. This type of iron is also highly digestible. The liver should be organic and should not be eaten by pregnant women unless they are vitamin A deficient.

2. Clam

 The clam is rich in iron. They are also rich in selenium, zinc, copper, vitamins B2 and B12. Iron is used in food to transport oxygen to cells by red blood cells.

3. Oyster

 The oyster is an excellent source of iron. However, it has been implicated in many foodborne illnesses, so it is best to eat it cooked.

4. Chickpeas

Chickpeas can be a great source of iron, but they contain inhibitors that will prevent you from absorbing all the iron properly. Soak the chickpeas overnight in very hot water. Better to add meat to the dish for better absorption. A food rich in vitamin C like a lemon or orange slice and some fresh pepper will also help.

5. Soybeans

 Soybeans are rich in iron, but the fact is that the iron in soybeans is very poorly absorbed due to the inhibitor of phytic acid. Soy is a good source of iron if it is fermented and phytic acid is reduced.

6. Sesame seeds

 Sesame seeds are also high in iron, try soaking them in lukewarm water overnight and then dehydrating them to remove iron inhibitors. Add them liberally to salads and other foods for an iron punch.

7. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate, which contains at least 70% cocoa, is an excellent source of iron, magnesium and antioxidants. It would even have a protective action against various diseases such as cardiovascular diseases by preserving the health of our arteries.

8. Cashew 

Cashews are particularly recommended for filling up with iron. Almonds, pistachios, and cashews are high in the same lipids and amino acids as extra virgin olive oil. Try to buy cashews plain because the added sugar or salt when they are added. Cashews  roasted or caramelized transforms them into little calorie bombs.

9. Pine nuts

Pine nuts are edible seeds of certain varieties of pine. They contain most of the essential nutrients such as protein, fat, calcium, fiber and iron, it is an interesting source of iron. You can enrich your sauces, salads, or sandwiches with these little seeds.

10. Sunflower seeds

 Sunflower seeds are also a source of iron, calcium and magnesium. Their polyunsaturated fatty acid content makes them a food of choice for healthy arteries, skin and hair. Spice up your sunflower seed recipes to add a little crunch while benefiting from their iron intake.

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