10 Fabulous Health Benefits of Pomegranates : Fight chronic inflammation, protect the skin from aging and more

From day to day scientists continue to explore new superfoods. Many researchers around the world have paid attention to pomegranates and what they have discovered has surprised them. Pomegranates can not only promote better health, but also a longer and healthier life. Pomegranate juice, in particular, has been shown to improve heart health, fight general body inflammation and even control blood sugar levels. 

10 Fabulous Health Benefits of Pomegranates : Fight chronic inflammation, protect the skin from aging and more

Here are 10 best health benefits of pomegranates that researchers have found:

1. Strengthens heart and arterial health

Pomegranates have several benefits for heart health. Studies have shown that drinking pomegranate juice regularly helps lower high blood pressure, reduce the amount of plaque, and prevent inflammation. Another study found that fresh pomegranate juice can help lower cholesterol levels.

Regular consumption of pomegranate juice can even improve stress-induced myocardial ischemia in many people with heart disease.

2. Fight chronic inflammation

Pomegranates decrease inflammatory activity in breast cancer cells and colon cancer. All this thanks to the punicalagins present in this fruit. Pomegranate juice helps prevent and treat chronic inflammation, which mainly causes serious illnesses, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

3. Protect the skin from aging

Pomegranates rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories which also promote skin health. They can help protect your skin from sun and age damage and keep it younger for longer due to its anti-aging properties.

4. Reduce the risk of arthritis

There are several types of arthritis, but most of them cause severe inflammation of the joints which causes unbearable pain and a number of other dangerous health problems. Thanks to their excellent anti-inflammatory properties, pomegranates can help treat arthritis and relieve joint pain.

5. Reduce the risk of many types of cancer

Pomegranates contain compounds that slow the reproduction of cancer cells and even stimulate apoptosis in cancer cells. Studies have also revealed that pomegranate extract restricts the reproduction of breast cancer cells and can kill some of them.

6. Strengthens brain health

Pomegranates contain polyphenols, which have powerful brain-stimulating properties. A team of researchers has discovered that pomegranate contains a natural polyphenol compound that can prevent inflammation in certain brain cells.

7. Combat bacterial and fungal infections

Pomegranates have antimicrobial properties which are said to have destroyed making them one of the most effective fruits to consume when trying to fight harmful bacteria in the body. Regular consumption of pomegranate can also prevent prosthetic stomatitis, periodontitis and gingivitis.

8. Helping pregnant women

Pomegranates contain special substances that strengthen the muscles of the reproductive system, helping pregnant women during their period of pregnancy. Pomegranates is one of the healthiest foods that pregnant women should consume more.

9. For liver health and fighting hepatitis C

Flavonoids and polyphenols or the powerful antioxidant components found in pomegranates help protect the liver from damage and several diseases. Regular consumption of pomegranate can significantly reduce the risk of developing hepatitis C, which causes serious damage to the brain, kidneys, bones, heart, liver, joints, blood vessels and pancreas.

10. Improve sexual health

Pomegranates are often associated with abundance and fertility for many centuries. Researchers could not miss this fact and have already conducted a multitude of experiments which show that regular consumption of pomegranate promotes sexual health.

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