Are Canned Foods Nutritious for Your Family?

Certainly, you knew that fresh food is much better for your health than frozen, canned or processed food. Likewise, it may be better to eat raw food and keep your easily rotten food wrapped and in the freezer when necessary.
Did you know that if you make a sandwich with cheese or mayonnaise on it and let it sit for days without eating it, bacteria will accumulate very quickly which will make it very harmful to eat?
Indeed, you must consciously think about what you put in your body daily, and be aware of what concerns your health. Even if you do not see mold and consume it on obsolete food, it could cause lasting and quite serious health effects.
Are Canned Foods Nutritious for Your Family?

Why are fresher foods always better?

Let’s compare fresh fruit to frozen fruit, they not only have a different flavor, but all of their nutritional value are always different, including fiber, which most people lack. In addition, canned foods are known to be richer in additives, salt, sugar and other products. The question is, does it really make sense to eat something that could have been processed a full year or more before arriving in your refrigerator? It cannot just be nutritious or even acceptable to anyone.
There are many reasons why fresh food is the best, there are also several counter claims that canned or frozen products can always be more nutritious. Many people believe that even fresh foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables are usually transported over long distances and stored on shelves until someone buys them, and that time can definitely lead to a loss of nutritional value.

What are the dangers of eating canned food?

Studies indicate that the metal present inside these preserves can contain various toxic components, as well as the preserves have a special coating containing resin of bisphenols A. This chemical component whose accumulation in the body can cause adverse health effects.
There is also BPA which is an endocrine disruptor present in food plastics and which exists in certain foods preserved under vacuum. On the other hand, the only two containers devoid of this substance are paper and glass.
Also, the synthetic chemicals used to package and process food are actually silent enemies. No one knows what it can do to our health.
The majority of these chemical components are not inert and can therefore easily filter easily in stored food.
Studies have shown that people who consume canned food in large quantities are more exposed to this substance which can cause several health problems such as: hormonal changes, heart problems with diabetes, tension and even cases of obesity. 
Read well and pay attention to what is added during canning, understand salt and sugar. It is better to get rid of the juice in it and even rinse the content with water to remove the salt fraction and the additives. Same procedure to follow for legumes like beans, small weights or chickpeas ….They are more digestible. Be aware that over time, the preservative has taken on certain complex carbohydrates, responsible for bloating.

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