Why you should walk barefoot more often ?

Walking barefoot on sunny days at the beach is not only enjoyable, but also very good for your health. Barefoot walking means that a person does not use a covering when moving anywhere. There are many studies that conclude that walking on natural surfaces such as sand or grass is more beneficial. You may have seen many people walking barefoot, but are you aware of the facts associated with walking barefoot?

The benefits of walking barefoot

Many people walk barefoot in summer because it gives a good feeling of freshness to the foot. Did you know that one fifth of the world’s population never wears shoes? This is the best treatment for the feet. Walking barefoot on natural surfaces offers the same benefits as a foot relaxation massage.

Walking barefoot on sand or an open yard or on green grass is very beneficial, but many people are still confused that rather there is another benefit associated with walking barefoot expecting a feeling of freshness. In addition to the health benefits, walking barefoot symbolizes an authentic lifestyle, vulnerable and even sensitive to our environment.

Barefoot walking helps strengthen the feet and toes. It turns out to be an effective remedy to get rid of the problem of flat feet. Barefoot walking is in direct contact with nature ensures the physical shape of the feet.

Why you should walk barefoot more often ?

Benefits of walking barefoot on a flat surface:

  1. Tones the muscles of the foot, the muscles of the right leg, the knee joint and the lower back,
  2. Reduces pain from the leg to the pelvis
  3. Stimulates the functioning of the large and small intestines and improves digestion
  4. Stimulates the functioning of the liver and the heart
  5. Tones the functioning of the lungs
  6. Reduces muscle fatigue in the shoulders and neck
  7. Makes the thyroid gland more efficient and healthy
  8. Supports the proper functioning of the eyes, ears, cranial nerves and sinuses by matching areas of the toes with the head
As with flat surfaces, walking barefoot on uneven ground has several health benefits, it activates perception and stimulates the entire surface of the soles of the feet as well as the top of the arch, the very innervated and most sensitive part. (for the majority of people) of the whole body.
Indeed, each step on uneven ground requires to counterbalance the irregularities of the ground, which allows the direct activation of all the reflex zones of the soles of the feet.
 Walking on uneven ground is beneficial for health, it allows proper functioning:
  1. The spine for greater flexibility
  2. Large intestine and intestinal transit
  3. Food assimilation
  4. Important organs for an efficient immune system
  5. Pancreas, to ensure good digestion
  6. Kidneys that take care of toxins
  7. From the heart (left foot only)
Walking is one of the best exercises you can do, try walking barefoot as much as possible, it helps your foot bone to work normally in addition to many health benefits.

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  1. Unfortunately, walking barefoot not an option for those of us who live and work in large, landlocked urban areas. In theory, it's a fabulous idea, in practice, nearly impractical.

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