What Are the Benefits of Carrot Juice for health and skin?

Carrot juice has many health benefits. Rich in minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients. Carrot juice is not only used for consumption, it is made to make many commercial skin care products and even homemade soap.

Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

Carrot juice contain beta carotene or vitamin A. Drinking carrot juice daily can help maintain good vision, removes indigestible fiber, delays aging, increases body immunity, helps prevent many types of cancer, heart disease and stroke. Carrot juice contains natural sugars, so those with diabetes would like to drink reduced amounts.
Carrot juice on its own may not be attractive to some, so add other fruits to enhance its flavor. By doing so, you will be adding several nutrients to your drink. You can consider tasty combinations such as: carrot and mangoes, carrot and bananas, carrot and oranges, carrot and strawberries or carrot and cherries. Using fresh fruit and vegetable juices, instead of industrial juices, maximizes the overall health benefits. A glass of carrot and fruit juice every day can make a difference to your health.
What Are the Benefits of Carrot Juice for  health and skin?

Benefits of carrot juice for the skin

In addition to its health benefits, carrot juice can provide beautiful natural skin care. It contains vitamins A and C which are healthy for the skin. Vitamin A is an aid in the growth of body tissue. Carrot juice offers antioxidant benefits, attacking free radicals, which can cause eczema, dermatitis, rashes and premature wrinkles. Antioxidants can help cure sunburn and even act as a natural sunscreen.Vitamin C helps produce collagen and promote skin elasticity.It also helps prevent scars, improve uneven skin tone, revitalizes the skin, gets rid of blackheads, relieves redness and has anti-inflammatory properties. In general, carrot juice promotes soft, smooth and supple skin.
Fresh carrot juice contains several healthy nutrients like vitamin K, folate, manganese, vitamin B6, panthenic acid and other nutrients. When you drink it with water, it keeps the skin and body well hydrated. Carrot juice is used in many commercial and homemade skin care products: face cream, concealer cream, soaps, lotions and more.

How to make homemade carrot soap?

Thanks to its benefits for the skin, carrot juice is used as an oil to make soap. When making homemade soap, such as goat milk soap that contains alpha hydroxy acids and rich butter fat that hydrates the skin, you can add this juice with many other essential oils. To get a nice bar of soap, think of mixing goat milk, comfrey and carrot juice. Another combination of natural soaps is a mixture of carrots, buttermilk honey and jojoba oil.
Consider drinking fresh carrot juice as a daily intake. Consider using it in beauty products. Carrot juice offers good vitamin benefits as well as other nutrients for the health of the body and skin.

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