Reasons Why You Should Give Up Drinking Soda

Maybe it’s hard to resist in front of the crunchy sparkling fizz, the sweet taste or the little caffeine soda. You might know that drinking soda is bad for you, but it’s hard to stop something that tastes so good. Soda keeps you from losing weight and harms your health more than you think.

In general, soda drinkers consume large amounts of calories each time they push a can. These calories come mainly from added sugars, they are not good for health either. If you drink soda you don’t get good quality vitamins, minerals or carbohydrates. In fact, you are filling your body with chemicals that can lead to tooth decay, obesity, diabetes and even poor bone health. Recent studies have actually shown that soda drinkers are more likely to be overweight. The preservatives and chemicals in these diet sodas are linked to several illnesses, such as heart disease and depression.

Reasons Why You Should Give Up Drinking Soda

So how do you stop soda addiction? When you are conditioned to drink, eat, or do something every day of your life, it can be difficult to break this habit. Here are some tips to help you get on the right track to getting soda out of your life.

Count your calories well

Counting calories well can be a great way to control your weight. If you knew the number of calories in a can of soda, you might be surprised at the number of calories you only consume from this amount of drink. To properly count your calories, try to download a calorie counter app, unless you want to write it down each time. Avoid ordering soda when you go out to eat, as these free refills accumulate calories very quickly.

Try unsweetened tea

Soda rich in caffeine and many people drink it for its caffeine. If you don’t prefer coffee, black tea or unsweetened green tea can be a great source of caffeine. If you are not a green or black tea purist and need a little flavor, try mixing a little stevia or a lemon slice with your tea to sweeten it.

Drink a glass of water instead

Water is life, drink sufficient amounts of water and when you feel the desire to drink a soda, drink a glass of water instead. Stress and anxiety can sometimes lead people to grasp everything in sight and unconsciously, but these are often unhealthy choices. Instead of breaking the can of soda drink a glass of water. It is very likely that soda drinkers do not drink sufficient amounts of water, so drinking water will ensure that you are sufficiently hydrated and reduce the urge to drink soda.

Break the habit

Getting up from the desk and heading to the soft drink dispenser can be something that makes you happy and you look forward to it or to which you are conditioned every day at work. You may not even need the soda, but knowing it, you reward yourself as part of your daily routine and often it’s a break from the work you’ve gotten used to. Instead of getting this soda, try to get out of the building for some fresh air or even do some office exercises. These are a few simple steps that will give you a break from work and help you stop drinking soda.


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