Why Do You Need To Eat 5 Fruits And Vegetables A Day ?

Good nutrition could save our lives. We are in a battle and even at war for health. The key to good health is a diet rich in vegetables and fruits as well as an active lifestyle. If we nourish our bodies properly, we can eradicate many health problems and chronic diseases.

 There are more than 80% of illnesses that can be prevented with a good diet. Preventing illness is much easier than curing it. If you eat the recommended portions of vegetables and fruit daily you will opt for good health. Most families do not have the time to regularly prepare homemade meals. Our health at risk because of the choices we make. Despite that junk food is everywhere in the markets and easy, but can lead to many health problems.



Why Do You Need To Eat 5 Fruit And Vegetables A Day ?

Dyes, hydrogenated oils, large amounts of sugar are three important things to avoid. Sugar weakens and suppresses the immune system and nourishes cancer cells and. Studies have shown that cancer rates go down when you eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. Eating more vegetables and fruit will reduce your risk of chronic disease. Try to color your plates with the many varieties of fruits and vegetables.

How to Eat More Fruit and Vegetables ?

Each day we should eat 5 types of fruits and vegetables. Do you eat this variety of fruits and vegetables every day? Unfortunately, poor nutrition involves many people and especially who frequent fast food restaurants, the increased use of synthetic vitamins and which are in the form of supplements, the marketing of preserved products to which our children are subjected, as well as too sugar and inadequate intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. In recent years the world has experienced a health crisis and high calorie malnutrition.

How Fruits and Vegetables Can Save Our Lives ?

Many people are severely lacking in protective micronutrients that can only come from whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that our bodies cannot absorb synthetic multivitamins enough, because our bodies can only absorb food in its natural form, such as raw vegetables and fruits. Our food and the choices we make create our future, as well as the lifestyles that control our bodies. Taking care of our health is essential, because our health is our first asset. Indeed, investing in our health is the best choice we can make.

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