An Avacado a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Avocados are one of the most popular fruits in the world, and we eat it often. Avocados are not only popular, but they are also a very healthy and nutritious fruit.
Besides beauty and weight loss, avocados are also beneficial for health. Its sweet taste does not bother you to consume as much as possible. The majority of people love avocados, which is why you can easily find them everywhere in the fresh markets. You can even be creative to create different recipes.
An Avacado a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

How To Add Avocado to You Diet?

Avocados provide you with many health benefits. It is only by putting fresh avocados on toast, salads or sandwiches that it can help reduce dietary intake of cholesterol, sodium, saturated fat and calories. Avocados are also important for the development and growth of the central nervous system and the brain. It is good for you to consume an avocado every day. Here are some advantages of avocados:

1. Avocados for eye health

Avocados contain carotenoid lutein, they help protect against cataracts, macular degeneration and age-related eye diseases.

2. Reduce cholesterol

Avocados are rich in beta sitosterol which helps lower cholesterol. A study shows consuming avocados for a week lowers cholesterol by more than 15% of cholesterol.

3. Heart health

Avocados are very beneficial for heart health, they contain folate which reduces the incidence of heart disease. If your family has a history of heart problems or has symptoms of heart disease, avocados can help you keep your heart healthy.

4. Prevent different types of cancer

Avocados are a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids, they also contain caretonoids that help prevent different types of cancer. The oleic acid present in avocado is also beneficial in preventing breast cancer.

5. Prevent stroke

Avocados protect you from stroke thanks to there high levels of folate. If you consume it daily, it means you minimize the risk of stroke.

6. Give you a feeling of well-being

High fiber avocados, including soluble and insoluble fiber; which are necessary for the body to maintain the proper functioning of the digestive tract. In addition, soluble fiber helps you feel full longer because it slows the breakdown of carbohydrates in your body.

Studies have shown that unsaturated fats are healthier and that contain oleic acid create a greater feeling of satiety compared to less healthy saturated fats in fully processed foods.

7. The nutrients in avocados can protect the baby

If you are pregnant or are going to be, avocado will help protect your unborn baby healthily. A cup of avocados provide almost a quarter of the recommended daily intake of folic acid, and it is the vitamin that reduces the risk of birth defects.

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