How to keep your immune system healthy ?

Did you know the power of your immune system ? How can your body heal itself ? The immune system is strengthened when you eat healthy, when you reduce stress, when you train regularly and when you regularly try to take care of your emotional and spiritual well-being.

The body’s innate capacity protects us from invaders such as viruses, fungi and microbes, can be improved or weakened. If you are under constant pressure, poor nutrition, and remain in negative thoughts and emotions, do not work regularly; and have to deal with pollution, then you might have low immunity.

How to keep your immune system healthy ?

How does your immune system work?

The immune system is a vast network of cells, tissues and chemicals that protect your body from substances that destroy carcinogens and infected cells.

The immune system is an important network for health and well-being. A multitude of different cells, chemical interactions and communications between cells make up the entire immune system.

Each member of the immune system has a specialized function. The cells of the immune team can kill parasites, tumor cells, engulf bacteria, or kill cells infected with viruses.

What is important to understand is that your immune system is a team that performs huge and complex teamwork. All the members and constituents of your system know their roles and how to work together in the team.

Your immune system has a primary role in defending yourself against germs and viruses. If your immune complex is operating at full capacity, few cancer cells, microbes, viruses or parasites can settle inside your body.

The main tasks of your immune system

The immune system is like a network or a team. Its two most important tasks are to remember and kill all foreign bodies. To keep your immune system functioning properly; kill and remember, they must be able to recognize foreign bodies when they invade your body.

The invaders can be inside your body or outside in the environment. They are ready to infect your body. The role of your immune system determines whether they can infect you or not.

Invaders (viruses, microbes or parasites …) release proteins and chemicals known to your immune system. When an invader is identified, the cells responsible for the death eat and digest the invader.

Eating a healthy diet, exercising and taking an immune support supplement can help keep your immune system at its best. Good health translates into a better immune system.

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