All You Need to Know About Your Immune System

The immune system is a necessary process in your body that helps protect you from invaders, such as bacteria, microbes, viruses, and fungi. Immunity is derived from the Latin word immunus which essentially means exemption. Immunity is a sign of good health, it allows you to be exposed to a potential threat without getting infected or sick. Immunity can be divided into several classifications.

In our immune system, there is nonspecific innate immunity, which is the first line of defense against invaders of the body, and there is the specific immune subsystem, also called the adaptive immune system because it protects against invasions subsequent by the same microbe or pathogen. Indeed, immunity can be passive or active, and it can be natural or artificial. Specific immunity has a good memory that allows it to remember invaders, to better protect itself from them next time.

All You Need to Know About Your Immune System

How to boost your immune health?

If you are wondering how to strengthen your immune system healthily, this can be done in several ways. First, eat a healthy diet that includes lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as adequate amounts of fiber and protein. A healthy and balanced diet will guarantee your body the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients necessary for a strong and efficient immune system. Exercise daily as this will also strengthen your immune system. Smokers, you had better quit immediately. Tobacco affects your immune system and can make you sick or worse. Sleep 7 or 8 hours each night to make sure you are rested and not exhausted. Avoid stress as much as possible, as this can reduce your immunity and make it less sensitive. These steps will strengthen your immune health and better protect you from threats.

In general, immunity diseases can work in two ways. In the first type of disease, the efficiency of your immune system slows down or even stops, so that your body cannot fight less complicated diseases like colds or flu. These conditions are not normally serious or fatal, but if your immune system is weak and not working properly, it can be. For example AIDS is a type of this disease. In this case, the immune system begins to attack normal body tissue, causing irreparable damage, called autoimmune disorders and can be treated but not cured. Lupus is also an example of this type of disease.

Vitamin C is an important element for the health of the immune system and for a healthy diet in general. Your body’s processes need this vitamin for optimal health and efficiency. There are several foods rich in vitamin C such as kiwi, lemons, oranges, strawberries and many other fresh fruits and vegetables. This vitamin is soluble in water and is easily destroyed by treatment or heat. This vitamin is antioxidant, protects against free radicals that cause cell damage and prevents symptoms of aging while providing many other benefits, including those for your general health.

Zinc is a crucial mineral for supporting the immune system, as well as development, for growth and many other systems and processes in your body.

Oysters, salmon, sardines …. and organ meats like liver and most protein sources, including eggs, milk, meats and many cheeses, are rich in this essential mineral and offer a wide variety of health benefits. It is important to include these foods frequently in your diet to ensure you get enough zinc for a strong and efficient immune system and a healthy body in general.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this valuable information. I agree with everything you say. However, I question whether a healthy diet will guarantee a strong immune system. A healthy diet and everything else you say are absolutely essential but in my view and from first hand experience, it is not sufficient, sadly. We are bombarded by too many pro-oxidative situations that strain our immune system, coupled with the fact that our foods don’t provide enough quantities of the vitamins and minerals to strengthen it. I think that high quality supplementation is key to achieving a strong immune system together with everything else you mention above.
    What is your opinion? Thank you again for this great article!

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