What Can Onions Do For Your Health ?

For thousands of years Onion has been used as an ingredient, spice and even medicine. There are several types of onion such as red onions, green onions, yellow onion and white onions. Each comes with its own flavor and nutritional value; and even a dish can become different if only one type of onion is used. Onions can be eaten and used in many ways: raw, cooked, roasted, fried or even dried. They are popular for use in omelets, dips, soups, salads and many other dishes.


What Can Onions Do For Your Health ?

The onion offers us many wonderful health benefits, it can be used as a spice, as a vegetable, as a medicine or sometimes as an ornamental plant.

Treat various conditions

Onions are used as food and as a medicine. They were used by early settlers to treat various conditions such as asthma, infections, coughs, colds, and even to repel insects. In Chinese medicine, onions are used to treat respiratory problems, angina and especially bacterial infections. Onions are can prevent the growth of bacteria in the colon because they promote the growth of healthy bacteria called bifid bacteria. Thus, it is considered to be a protection against colon tumors.

Favor cardiovascular health

Besides respiratory and colon care, onions are useful in terms of cardiovascular health. This magical vegetable contains sulfides which can lower blood pressure and lipids in the blood. The onion is also rich in flavonoids which are known to help prevent various cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the onion can help prevent blood clotting in the arteries, as it also contains blood anticoagulants.

Protect against tumor growth

Onions can work well against stomach cancer using garlic and other herbs. In addition, onion extracts provide a level of protection against tumor growth. Yellow or red, onions in particular have a high content of antioxidants. It also helps the body to fight harmful free radicals which tend to attack healthy cells.

Although onions can be very healthy and beneficial for overall health, they should, like some vegetables and spices, be eaten in moderation. Indeed, the consumption of onions in very large quantities can lead to gastric disorders and even gastrointestinal irritation. If taken too much, it can also cause diarrhea and nausea.

When used correctly and in the right amount, anyone can surely reap the many health benefits offered by onions. Try adding onions to soups, salads, dishes or eating them raw. Studies have shown that the health benefits of onions outweigh the gastrointestinal discomfort if they are consumed too much.

Onions not only make your dishes more flavorful or spice up your meals, but more so because it offers many health benefits and prevents you from many illnesses that you cannot simply get with other diet products.

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