Garlic, A Super Natural Antibiotic

Man has known a wide variety of herbs and spices but none have been reviled and revered like garlic. Over the years, the use of garlic for its culinary and therapeutic properties has been adopted without reservation.

Garlic is very beneficial for good health in general. Centuries of garlic consumption pronounced in natural medicine indicate that it has a variety of healing properties and significant nutritional value.

Garlic contains healthy amino acids and trace elements copper, selenium, iron and magnesium, zinc, germanium, vitamins A and vitamin C and beneficial sulfur compounds known to bind to toxins in the liver and transport them for elimination.

Since antiquity, garlic has been used in natural medicine to treat bacterial infections and to treat tumors and intestinal parasites. Garlic is a great free radical fighting agent, a heart-healthy food and a booster for the immune system.

Garlic, A Super Natural Antibiotic

Garlic supplements

Garlic supplements or odorless garlic would also be beneficial for health. They are more convenient to use than raw garlic for people sensitive to garlic. Garlic tablets minimize odor and come in many forms, all of which claim to be effective.

Garlic good for the heart

Garlic and garlic supplements helped lower cholesterol levels. Experts continue to believe that garlic is heart-healthy and can lower levels of homocysteine ​​in the blood (a type of amino acid), high levels of which have been linked to decreased heart health. Garlic is known to have reduced the accumulation of harmful plaque on the arterial walls.

Garlic for blood

Studies indicate that garlic can stimulate blood circulation by increasing the levels of hydrogen sulfide in the blood, which is essential for healthy cell signaling. Garlic can reduce fat in the blood, and helps modulate blood pressure and relieve symptoms of hypertension.

The sulfur compounds in garlic can help promote normal blood clotting. Garlic has the same effect as low-dose aspirin to slow or even stop platelet aggregation.

Garlic boosts the immune system

Garlic can help the immune system to fight bacteria, infections and diseases, it stimulates the activity of white blood cells. Garlic is very effective in fighting colds and flu and in treating yeast infections. Garlic can also increase liver production of free radical-fighting enzymes.

Garlic is an anti-diabetes food

Recent studies indicate that garlic may have the ability to stabilize blood sugar and increase insulin levels in the blood.

Garlic is an antioxidant and antibacterial

Thanks to its antimicrobial and antioxidant quality, garlic can protect cells against free radicals and inhibit the growth of a variety of tumors. A study shows that garlic can block the formation of toxins during the digestion of food. The compound responsible for the smell of garlic, called Allicin, is the main antibacterial agent in the herb.
During the World Wars, garlic was used to heal combat wounds in the absence of antibiotics at that time.

Garlic for women and men

Garlic maintains healthy testosterone levels in men and stimulates the libido of women and men.

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