Does garlic help prevent coronavirus?

The coronavirus is the name of a Chinese virus from the family of coronaviridae. In humans, the pathogenic germ can cause simple illnesses like the flu or colds but can also be responsible for serious epidemics.

Coronaviruses can be responsible for several digestive and respiratory diseases. Such as :

  • Respiratory complications
  • Benign pathologies or flu syndromes
  • Severe respiratory syndrome, leading to epidemics

Coronavirus is spread by:

  • Airway
  • Secretion contact
  • Contact of contaminated objects

What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

People infected with the virus corona can develop symptoms similar to those of a moderate flu, chills, fever, respiratory signs like cough and fatigue, specialists say.

But unfortunately this virus can prove to be fatal in patients who have weaker immunity and the least resistant. People with preexisting chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease, respiratory disease or hypertension seem more likely to develop severe forms.

How to prevent corona virus?

Vladimir Zaitsov, an ENT specialist, spoke of the benefits of garlic in preventing the coronavirus, which has killed more than 500 people in China and moved to more than 24 other countries.
Zaitsov said in an interview with the newspaper that the symptoms of Coronavirus infection are similar to flu symptoms and that the strong immune system is not afraid of viral diseases and that the virus, this virus mainly attacks people with a weak immune system.

The specialist said that eating garlic improves the body’s immunity because it contains plant pesticides that have antiviral properties, which means that garlic protects against infection by the coronavirus and actually boosts immunity. from the body.

Does garlic help prevent coronavirus?

In order to improve the body’s resistance, garlic should be consumed in moderation, between 1 and 2 seasons a day, one in the morning and the second in the evening, because eating a large amount of it can harm the stomach.

For their part, experts from the World Health Organization, claim that garlic is a healthy food, and that it already contains certain antimicrobial properties, but there is no concrete and realistic evidence that eating l can protect people from Coronavirus.

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