5 Tips for Healthy And Strong Nails

Women today are more likely to suffer from unhealthy nails or health problems that damage them. Why? The majority of women almost always have varnish, gels or acrylic and adhesives which all hide the real condition of the nails while making them very beautiful. Unfortunately, many women in the quest for beautiful nails have also contracted very severe infections.

So how can you have healthy and beautiful nails at the same time? Here are some tips that can help you.


5  Tips for Healthy And Strong Nails

1. Good nutrition

A good diet rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A will help prevent your nails from being brittle and dry. There are several foods rich in vitamin A include apricot cheese, broccoli and carrots. Foods rich in calcium include cheese, sesam, nuts, milk and almonds. Carrot juice is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus.

Hanging nails are the strips of skin that separate from the cuticles. To avoid scratching, take foods rich in folic acid, vitamin C and especially protein.

2. Gently remove the cuticles

The majority of infections we get from doing pedicures and manicures are the result of improper cuticle removal. The main purpose of the cuticle is to protect the nail bed from infection or inflammation. To properly remove cuticles: apply a cuticle lotion to soften the cuticles, then dip your nails in lukewarm water.

Then, using a cuticle remover, gently push back the cuticles. Once done, the regrown cuticle will be lifted healthy on the nail bed. With a nail clipper cut off the excess cuticle. Do not forcefully remove the cuticles and do not allow the salon esthetician to forcefully remove the cuticles. If you do this, you leave your nail bed susceptible to different types of infections. After gently cutting off the excess cuticle, apply a hand or cuticle lotion to keep your nails and cuticles hydrated and very soft.

A diet rich in vitamin B 12, which is found in foods such as fish, liver, meat, beef, oysters, can prevent your nails from drying out, curved nails and darkening of the nails.

All in all, a diet rich in raw vegetables and fruits will result in very strong healthy nails, as these foods are rich in minerals and vitamins are essential for nail growth and your overall health.

3. Keep your nails natural

Certainly nails are better in gels, adhesives and acrylics; but what you may not know is how much they damage your nails. Sure, you can put them on, but don’t get into the habit. From time to time, it’s not bad. The best way to keep your nails healthy is to keep them natural for a while. Artificial nails contain glue as well as chemicals that could cause a fungal infection on your nails.

Leave your nails without varnish for at least 1 or 2 full weeks in a month to avoid discoloration. Avoid nail polish removers that contain formaldehyde and acetone. It is best to use a polishing remover containing acetate. When removing the nail polish, gently wash your nails with soap and water to remove all traces of remover and varnish.

4. Keep your nails fresh

Not only are long nails fashionable, short nails are now fashionable. In general, long nails are difficult to clean because they hide a lot of dirt under them and they are often prone to breakage. So you can keep your nails short and clean even for a few days. It’s chic, trendy and above all healthy.

5. Hydrate your nails

Nails are like skin, they need water to stay hydrated and shiny. It is therefore very important to take at least 1.5 liters of water per day but the recommended amount is to take 8 glasses of water, i.e. 2 liters.

Creams are also important for keeping your nails hydrated, use a moisturizer each time after using water to cleanse or do other tasks. Also make sure to apply your moisturizer before bed.

Now you know the best ways to achieve beautiful, healthy nails. Be nice and share the same with your friends.

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