10 Skincare Tips That’ll Transform Your Skin

Skin care can be the difference between having medium-looking skin or shiny skin that is the envy of everyone you meet.

How to have a correct and effective daily skin care routine ?

In general, implementing these tips does not take much time, but continuity is the key. Unfortunately, the perfect skin of youth is fleeting. If you don’t take care of your skin properly, in 10 or 15 years, you will clearly see the signs of neglect. Alcohol, smoking, intensive exposure to the sun and poor nutrition will leave you with pale wrinkled skin. Even older people can’t go back in time, but good skin care can help stop the signs of aging.
10 Skincare Tips That'll Transform Your Skin

Here are 10 great skin care tips to keep you fresh, attractive and beautiful no matter what your age.

1. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

Excessive consumption of cigarettes and alcohol can destroy your skin and make you age quickly. Alcohol and cigarettes contain toxins that are terrible for your health and your skin. Smokers are well known for premature aging from other people. Smokers and those who consume too much alcohol will generally form wrinkles at a much younger age.

2. Avoid excessive sun exposure

The sun is good for your health, but excessive exposure to the sun will give you wrinkles and skin. Some people think that they simply cannot do without tanning to wrinkles that cover the face.
Make it a habit to apply your sunscreen every day, not just on sunny days.

3. Internal and external hydration

Hydration is one of the most important keys to healthy skin. Your first drink should be water, not alcohol or soda if you want beautiful skin. You should also drink water regularly throughout the day (about 2 liters). For external hydration apply your moisturizer morning and evening.


4. Good sleep gives you beautiful skin 

Lack of sleep appears on your skin and affects your overall health. Getting enough sleep will help give your skin time to regenerate during your sleep hours and reduce your stress and fatigue levels.

5. Remove dead skin cells

 Exfoliating to remove dead skin cells reveals a softer, fresher complexion. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and reveals softer skin hiding under old dull skin cells. Sensitive and dry skin should not be too exfoliated. Oily, normal skin can take more frequent exfoliation up to 4 times a week. Make sure you use an exfoliant that is appropriate for your skin type.

6. Limit your sodium intake

Excess sodium in your diet is harmful to health and dehydrates you, leaving you with wrinkled and aged skin.

8. Cleanse your skin

Cleanse your skin morning and evening. For dry to normal skin a creamy cleanser is preferable, while oily and acne-prone skin can benefit from an antibacterial cleanser. One of the best things to do for your skin is to remove all makeup before falling asleep at night.

9. Use toner according to your skin type

The tonics remove all traces of oil on the skin and persistent traces of makeup. If your skin is dry, put the toner right on your cheeks.

10. Get some exercise

Exercise brings nutrients and blood to the surface of the skin, and perspiration removes impurities, it’s great for your skin. You should shower quickly when you’re done to cleanse your skin and keep your pores from getting clogged with sweat.
Whatever your age, if you follow these 10 skin care tips, you are well on your way to the ideal skin type that will be the envy of all your friends.

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