How to Pack a nutritious school lunch ideas?

The majority of our children take a packed lunch to school. Unfortunately, they may not like the school meals, and they reject them. As a parent, you want your child to eat healthily and maybe you don’t like the food that is served and want to have more control over what your child eats. How can you prepare a healthier and more balanced school lunch for your child?

In general, a healthy meal contains a sufficient amount of vitamin, mineral, protein, etc. Indeed, you must do your best to add some kind of vegetables and fruits to the meal. You will need to find things to add to your child’s basket that he really likes to eat. This could be part of another part of the meal or as it is on the side. Make sure to include juices, fruits, dips, and sauces your child might like to make them a little better.

How to Pack a Healthier School Lunch For Your Child ?

Nutritious school lunch ideas

Children generally prefer what parents consider unhealthy as; sweets, chips, cookies, etc. So that your child can actually eat and look forward to your meal, you will need to add a few things that you may not consider completely healthy. Yes, to better manage the situation you can get something you want in exchange for something your child wants.

To better know what your kids are eating read the calorie information on the foods you include. Add vitamin-rich foods that will fill your child without being too unhealthy.

Protein is very beneficial for your child’s health and growth. Try to include as much protein as possible in his meal. This will help your child not to be too hungry and improve their health in general. It could be things like fish, meat, eggs, almonds, nuts and other foods.

Despite the fact that kids love sweets, try to limit the sugars as best you can. This will help your child to consume reduced amounts of sugar. This crash will make it difficult to focus later in the school day.

Remember to pack your child’s food well, for example, try to get safe plastic storage containers. This makes it easier to pack healthy food when you put it in lunch. Better the food is packaged, the better the taste because it will be fresh.

How to Pack a Healthier School Lunch For Your Child ?

How to teach your child healthy eating habits ?

Every day, encourage them to eat a rainbow of colors, that is to say different colors of vegetables. Bring your kids with you to the supermarket, ask them to help you choose an assortment of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Give your child a say in the choice of food. Sometimes children think that the color green is reserved for turtles and frogs. Give her a choice of vegetables, for example, would you like to have beans or peas with dinner, or do you prefer cooked or raw tomatoes?

Be patient with your children. Studies show that a child must have at least 10 repeated exposures before taking the first bite. Be persistent because the majority of parents tend to get discouraged and give up quickly after a few tries.

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