5 Reasons Why You Should Never Share Your Earbuds

Many teens and adults love to stream their favorite songs through their headphones. And although listening to music helps us a lot in our daily life and it brings us many advantages such as improving our mood, creating a nice atmosphere and even for relaxing, etc. But if you share your headphones, it can cause a lot of disadvantage and even a whole new world of problems.

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Share Your Earbuds

Here’s why sharing earphones is a really bad idea !

From sticky to infectious bacteria, ear wax, and other infections there are many reasons why you shouldn’t be sharing your earphones with any of your loved ones! Even if it is with your little brother or child. Studies have shown that sharing earbuds or headphones is not only rude, but harmful to your health. Here’s a look at why your headphones should stay in your ears only. Studies that have revealed the dangers of this habit, after many ear diseases are prevalent everywhere these days.

1. You may be infected with mites

However, these small mites are generally observed in animals such as dogs or cats, etc., they can also penetrate human ears. If someone close to you or friends has mites and you share your earphones with them, chances are they will pass the mites on to you.

2. The ears is a place rich in bacteria

In general, the ear is considered to be a place rich in bacteria, wax and dead cells (it is natural) which can become infected if the headphones are used repeatedly in several people.

3. Increases the growth of fungi and infections

Earwax and bacteria alone do not cause infection. On the other hand, frequent use of headphones causes moisture retention and increases the temperature in the ear, which causes the growth of infections and fungi.

4. Influenza infection

If someone has the flu, chances are they will develop ear infections. When someone with the flu uses your headphones, it leads to a bad case of flu transmission.

5. Good personal hygiene

Would you like to share someone’s toothbrush? Do you want to wear sweaty clothes that someone has just taken off? Of course not, because sharing these items would only share germs and bacteria between them. The same goes for headphones.

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Share Your Earbuds

It is very advisable to use the headphones only by their owner and to reduce their sharing with others. It is best to sterilize the headphones with a disinfectant and cotton sticks, especially after they have been used by someone else.

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