Powerful reasons to eat more olive oil

The olive tree and olive oil have been around for thousands of BC, there is certainly evidence that the oil from this wonderful plant is used mostly in the Mediterranean regions. Its use for both medical culinary and even ceremonial purposes.

Powerful reasons to eat more olive oil

Are olives good for you? Benefits and nutrition

The beneficial properties of olive oil for health that the ancients attributed to this magic oil have been confirmed by modern science. In recent years scientists have admitted that olive oil has the ability to lower cholesterol and it reduces the risk of heart attacks. In addition to its antioxidant richness, olive oil has very high levels of vitamins E and K which provide a defense mechanism and which delays aging, prevents carcinogenesis and liver disorders. 
This magic oil contains very high levels of monounsaturated fats, and this is what is attributed to the ability of olive oil to positively change the ratio of good to bad cholesterol. 
Mediterranean cuisine in which olive oil plays an important role in its dishes, is now considered one of the healthiest cuisine in the world, and the inhabitants of these regions experiencing good health and rates of heart disease, degenerative, cancer and other diseases weaker than elsewhere in the Western world.The oil exists in several types (specialists can easily distinguish it), it is classified according to its acidity. The olives are pressed as soon as possible once they arrive at the mills. 
Powerful reasons to eat more olive oil

Different uses and benefits of olive oil

In addition to its many health benefits in general, this magic oil can also be used outdoors as an aid to beauty. 
To have the softest hands imaginable: Mix in a bowl a teaspoon of olive oil with half a teaspoon of coarse salt and massage in your hands. Salt acts as an exfoliant and the oil softens. You will be amazed at the result and how soft, smooth and flawless your hands are. 
And even if to remove stubborn stains, olive oil is effective. Works well on elbows, knees, feet and can be used as a full scrub before bathing. For sensitive skin, replace the salt with sugar. 
Olive oil is effective for hair too, for hair that is soft, shiny and easy to comb: Massage the olive oil in your hair and leave as long as possible before shampooing. Apply once a week.

To avoid dandruff: Rub in the hair a mixture of olive oil and lemon. Then rinse and shampoo as usual. 

You can also use olive oil for relaxing massages: Warm up olive oil (put the container in hot water for 4 minutes) and add a drop of your favorite essential oil.
 Use olive oil also for earache: slightly warm a little oil add a few small drops to the ear, then stick with cotton wool. 
In addition to the oil that can be obtained from this wonderful tree, its fruits (the olives) themselves can also be consumed and are also a very healthy addition to any diet. They also play a major role in the healthy Mediterranean diet and several dishes are accompanied or prepared with black, green or violet olive, and they are rich in monounsaturated fats and vitamin E which protect the heart, and they also contain a variety of phytonutrients. Anti-inflammatory actions of monounsaturated fats, vitamin E and polyphenols that contain olives can also help reduce the severity of asthma. 

Olive oil : Rich in iron

Iron is an essential mineral in our body. Consuming 100g of black olives can cover about 50% of the recommended daily intake. It helps oxygenate the body and participates in the production of red blood cells.
Powerful reasons to eat more olive oil

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