How to Fight Dry Facial Skin ?

Dry skin is a very common condition especially for women which causes cracks and even dry patches It is more common in drier climates and colder winter months.What is dry skin, what are the signs and symptoms and how to protect this type of skin?

1. Avoid hot baths and showers

Since skin lipid barriers are degraded, extremely hot skin can cause moisture loss. For this, warm water should be used instead of hot water. For the face, baths are obviously not a big problem. Try to limit the time you spend in the shower for example to spend a few minutes instead of half an hour. After the shower apply your moisturizer as soon as possible.

2. Avoid foams and drying soaps

The majority of dry skin is sensitive so do not use ordinary soap. Use a moisturizing soap or mild facial cleanser that will not rub off the natural oils of your skin.

3. Use a day and night cream daily

The importance of a night cream is often overlooked by people who have dry skin they use only day cream. You think you are not in the sun, you are just in bed you do not need a cream?

This is completely wrong, because using a night cream that’s right for your skin type and rich in natural moisturizing oils will help your skin stay hydrated all night and even when you wake up in the morning.

Shea butter and avocado oil and are very effective natural moisturizers, they are very similar to the natural oils of your skin. Use these 2 oils because they are all an ideal moisturizer for dry skin and even very dry skin.

During your sleep your body repairs itself and the additional nutrients provided by a night cream that suits your skin type (dry, very dry, damaged …) of quality can help your skin during this process of natural repair.

How to Fight Dry Facial Skin ?

4. Increase the levels of hyaluronic acid in your body

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is an acid found naturally in our body. AH plays a major and very important role in the hydration of the skin. It can absorb several times its own weight in water by increasing its volume and moisturizing your skin. This helps to give a smoother and softer appearance to your skin.

To naturally increase HA levels in your skin, use skin care containing an ingredient like Phytessence Wakame. By doing so, more HA and that naturally become available in your skin.

5. Use moisturizing

Masks Moisturizing and specially formulated masks help your skin hydrate deeply and repairs your skin to regain its radiance. Preferably use this type of mask only once every two weeks.

6. Hydrate Your Skin from the Inside

 The human body is made up of 70% water, it is only an essential element to have good health. The human being could not live more than 2 or 3 days max without water intake. So a lack of hydration is putting yourself in danger. Water is an indispensable ally for our body to get rid of accumulated toxins throughout the day. For this reason the elasticity of the skin is mainly due to its level of hydration. If your body is well hydrated throughout the day, your skin will gain in elasticity, which will limit and / or curb the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 
How to Fight Dry Facial Skin ?
Drinking a glass of water upon waking will also reduce your bags under the eyes and dryness of the skin. To have a soft and well hydrated skin, drink sufficient quantities of water at least 2 liters a day. Be sure to apply these care tips for dry skin and you will notice an improvement in the condition of your skin.

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