Sugar or salt: which is the most harmful for health?

The majority of diets are focused on the absence of fat and reduced quantities ofsugar and salt. What is the direct impact of salt and sugar on our health and why several diseases are directly related to the consumption of salt and sugar  Do these two white products have health benefits? But for sure, we need to be more concerned with the amount of sugar and salt we consume daily.

In our diet, many processed and prepared foods can mask very large amounts of sugar or salt. For this we must control the amount of sugar and salt that is present in our diet.

Sugar or salt: which is the most harmful for health?

What is the most harmful, sugar or salt?

Sugar does not have a lot of calories it only contains 4 calories per gram, but the problem is that sugar has no nutritional value and that the unused amount is stored as fat.
Sugar exists in 2 forms: Processed sugar such as white sugar and high fructose corn syrup, etc. which have no nutritional value. The second type of sugar is natural sugar that comes from fruits and milk and this type of sugar has nutritional value.
Foods containing processed or refined sugar contain higher levels of fat and tend to eliminate fiber and other nutrients.
Preferably do not consume more than 35 grams of processed sugar each day. Indicating that a food containing 5 grams of sugar per serving is considered less sweet food.

Sugar or salt: which is the most harmful for health?

Saltconsists of 2 substances 60% chloride and 40% sodium. The recommended amount of salt is 1,500 mg of sodium per day. Food that contains 140 mg per serving is low in sodium. Many diseases directly related to salt and sugar in people with diabetes and high blood pressure tend to be sensitive to sodium ans sugar.
Preferably eat moderately high sodium foods such as cold cuts, canned goods, frozen products and preserved in boxes, olives, salty cheeses, sauces, salad dressings, etc.
The best is to reduce the amount of salt and gradually recycle your taste buds. Your body will adapt and this change can have a significant positive impact on your overall health.

How to reduce sugar and salt consumption?

One of the main problems facing the consumption of sugar and salt is the habit of our palates to these flavors. The best, for starters, is to try to replace the very sweet products with their sugar-free versions and the very salty products with their less salty or salt-free versions.
Then you can try to prepare your food at home because this way you will use much less salt and sugar and it can be a great option. For example to bring a sweet taste to preparations use fruits, their amount of sugar is lower than that of cane sugar.
Sugar or salt: which is the most harmful for health?
Because of the habituation of the palate to processed products and full of sugar and even the products too salty, At the beginning, the change will be difficult. But over time, you will lose the need for candy and salt and your health will be greatly improved. Salt or sugar, we must remember that it is never good to abuse a food, whatever this food.

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