Why Your Cat Is Even More Interesting Than You Knew ?

Cats are so adorable animals, they can brighten up your day with their amusing grimaces. If you own a cat you will see that they are still doing strange things that only a cat can imagine, and you did not know what it was. ‘act, you will surely know what I am talking about.Here is some new information you may be discovering for the first time.

Why Your Cat Is Even More Interesting Than You Knew

Cats produce 100 vocal sounds, whereas dogs can produce only 10. If you talk to your cat more often, he will listen to you and do the same. Kittens start dreaming when they are more than a week old.
Domestic cats sleep more than 14 hours maximum, which allows them to store energy.

30% of the time cats are awake spend their time grooming themselves. If you notice that your cat’s tail is trembling when he is near you, it is simply a way to express his love and affection.

Cats always clean up just after eating

The cat’s eyes reflect the light they have a very clear vision at night because you can train your cat to use the toilet as his bedding, and even to pull it once it is finished.

If your cat offers you prey, do not feel disgusted or neglected. Instead, thank her for giving you a present. Most cats wanted to join the conversation by seeing their priorities speak on the phone. Indoor cats have a healthier and longer life than outdoor cats. In general, cats do not use a dirty litter box. A cat can not be forced to do something he does not want.

Cats never stay at the right side of a closed door

There are about 60 muscles in the 2 ears of a cat. Each ear can rotate 180 degrees and requires about 12 muscles to move.  Cats usually wrap the tips of their tails around their owners’ arms to show their affection. When a cat is angry, his tail spreads like a bush to seem more threatening.

Curious cats will always find a challenge at the closed door. That’s why your cat always wants to accompany you in your bathroom.

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