Why Should You choose Android Apps?

The mobile app is considered a cherry on the cake for the android mobile user. At first time calls and sms were the main functions of a mobile but in recent years mobile application have become absolute priority of the user. A mobile application can make life easier (distance learning, organization of a timetable …). The development of mobile applications in several countries is a serious business as there is a growing urge to create applications every day.

Why Should You choose Android Apps?

Android dominates several smartphone market around the world

Today a mobile application is the best communication tool for all professionals inexpensively. All users could meet this question, which application can I choose iOS or Android? The answer is simple choose the platform that suits you best, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The essential before developing an application, it is advisable to do a market research on specialized companies in your area to find the developer that suits you.

The Android is known for its easy, lucrative features and its affordable price. Unlike IOS, Android has a wide range of devices. The Android applications has several advantages such as:
Android is able to offer high quality features at an affordable price for a wide range of mobile devices. In simple terms, any average consumer who does not want to waste a lot of money in this area can buy an Android smartphone as part of their preferred budget.
To develop iOS applications, specialists must have a Mac desktop. For the development of Android applications can be performed on several operating systems: Windows, Mac or Linux.

Android apps are developed using JAVA

To develop a wide range of devices, Java is the most powerful programming language. It is an open source, which has the added benefit of being able to run on any operating system. JAVA is a powerful programming language is used to develop high quality Android native applications.

You want custom application?

Want to change your widgets? It’s very easy to download a widget from a third-party application and replace it with your stock. Want to change the layout? You can also download and replace it easily. To customize your application as you see fit, Android is the right choice. This is the main reason why Android applications are the most popular and even developers like to develop a multitude of applications on Android more than any other platform.

A perfect platform !

 Google Play Store of Android allows you to update your application in a few minutes. In addition to the speed of download and update, You can also submit the same application multiple times on the Play Store.

Like every platform, the Android has several advantages and disadvantages, but accessibility to everyone and ease of use has allowed it to dominate the market.

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