Tips to keep your dog happy and healthy

Like humans, dogs are conscious beings who need a number of things to enjoy life and be satisfied.For all the loyalty that dogs give to humans, they deserve more consideration in return. And here are some tips you can use to keep your dog motivated, happy and healthy.

How to keep your dog happy and healthy ?

Tips to keep your dog happy

It sounds simple, but usually with a busy schedule, it can be forgotten. Spend at least a few minutes every day to pet your dog.

Let your dog run outside

 Dogs are naturally sporty and agitated animals. Whether to exercise or to keep their psychological sense, dogs must jump and run every day. So bring your dog to specific places, dog parks, hiking trails or in a secure garden and let him really run or walk vigorously.


Giving Your Dog Clean and Fresh Water

Many people leave water in the dog’s bowls several days in a row. It accumulates dirt, becomes stagnant … Change your dog‘s water every day and make sure to use clean water. Also make sure the bowl does not break down for long periods. As with humans, drinking enough water is important for good health.

Give your dog high quality food

Dogs of course need healthy food, but do not forget that your dog must also love the food he eats. Try to ensure a healthy and balanced diet for your dog, do not give your dog only with dry dog ​​food. Dogs are mainly carnivorous, meat is necessary in their diet.
Unlike many people think of not giving the remains of meat to their dog, All leftover meat is good. You can also give your dog bones of the butcher (never poultry, bones of large animals only).
This way your pet’s diet will be more varied and will be both healthier and more balanced.Never give your dog the leftovers of your dinner directly from the table, otherwise you will train him to beg and watch every time you eat. Put the leftovers in a separate room and after an hour of your meals.

Stimulate your dog’s mind

Dogs still need learning. They need something to give their reason for being, just like human beings. Inside or out, spend time playing with your dog. Try to do more complex teaching and learning activities, such as training your dog to pick up the ball.

Take preventive health measures for your dog

To keep your dog healthy and happy , Take effective measures to protect the health of your dog. Control fleas often, especially during the heat season when these pests are a problem.
These are some tips that you may not hear often – avoid chemicals for fleas and ticks. These products have been shown to contain toxic compounds and have resulted in animal health problems and even death. There is a healthier and organic product called Best Yet that uses cedar oil to fight fleas, this oil is a natural flea killer with no ill effects.

A happy and healthy dog needs to feel loved and well surrounded all his life.

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