Bali : The most beautiful island in the world

If you are looking for a paradise on earth, it exists in Bali Indonesia! Bali is more than a dream that has become a concrete reality. Where there are the fascinating Blue Beaches the big trees, the white sand as well as the romantic sunsets.
In Bali, you can hope to see the union of nature: the mountains, the sea and the forest. The mountainous landscape melts into the white sand beaches. Every visitor to Bali does not stop uttering a verse to praise the magic must-see of Bali.
The best thing about Bali Indonesia is the fact that it’s not just a postcard that you can only see. Here is a list of things to consider during your stay in Bali.

Bali : The most beautiful island in the world

Magic places to visit in Bali

Many people think that Bali Indonesia is only about the beaches and the mountains. It’s true that its beaches are mesmerizing and fascinating, but this city is more than that. It has more places and attractions that go beyond imagination. Besides its beautiful places Bali is also culturally rich and if you like discovery and history, you will have a good culture in this beautiful city.

Means of transport to Bali

 Whenever you visit Bali, you feel free to ride a bike. There are so many beautiful things to see and you can go anywhere by bike in Bali. And to better discover its streets, you can take your bike in the streets of the city and walk in its unique and amazing places. To have a better organized trip you can get help and information from many travel agencies operating in the city.

Water sports in Bali

There are several water sports and activities in Bali Indonesia that you have never seen or imagined. You can surf, ride and even snorkel, paraglide, jet ski and more. Kuta Beach is one of the most famous surf spots in Bali. Menjangan Island is recommended for those who are passionate about surfing, it is a great place to dive too.

Celebrations in full moon

Do you like parties in full moon on the beach? Bali is your inescapable right. Kuta Beachis usually a good place for these parties. There are Coffee shop, pubs and discos at the bistros …. and just about everything you need you will find in Bali Indonesia.
If you visit Bali there is so much on this tropical island. This heavenly place will really make you enjoy your vacation.

Tips and Information

Besides the serene accommodation in Bali it is possible to spend a holiday without meeting more than 15 people you have never met. To complete your stay in Bali it is very necessary to visit these secluded beaches. You will explore all the options of a private beach from the first moment.
Do not fill your suitcase with items you can buy in Bali Indonesia, they have a cheap clothing market, for example toiletries can be purchased at the Mini Marts which are open 24 hours a day. But pharmaceutical items are quite expensive you can bring them with you such as sunscreens or care products for women.
 The Bali trails are not solid enough, if you can wear sneakers despite the damp environment you are going to find, your feet will thank you very much.
Beware of the harassment of people trying to sell you items, it is recommended to stay away from markets and Kuta Beach. It must be said that Balinese are very welcoming and kind and rarely aggressive, but if they try to make a living, they can sometimes be overwhelmed by their helplessness. Do not panic ! Not everywhere and if you stay away from major tourist hot spots, you should not have a problem.
Cash money is more advisable than the bank card because the bank with which you are, will remove a fee each time you use your credit card in Bali Indonesia and it will be more expensive for you. This is normally a percentage of what you have spent and can add a lot to your vacation. For ATM withdrawals as well, the exchange rate is usually much worse than if you had to change money on the streets. If you do not feel comfortable with the money, be sure to check with your bank before you go, to find out how much it costs.

To travel to a destination for the first time there is always the fear of the unknown, but the fact to thoroughly study all the strengths and weaknesses of this beautiful destination will protect you from all types of problems and allow you to take a good vacation in the best islands in the world.

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